At Finicky Pet Food, Inc., sustainability is not just a philosophy or something we hope to achieve one day in the future. Sustainability is the backbone of the work that we do and the products that we provide to the petfood industry.

We sell all of our natural fish products directly to companies that produce quality, nutritional foods for the petfood industry around the globe. The methods that we use and the sources that we obtain our seafood from help us to provide sustainable solutions to our clients.

The frozen fish products that we produce are processed right here in Massachusetts.

One of the huge advantages of Finicky Pet Food, Inc. over other processors is our proximity to the most profitable and highest grossing fishing port in the USA. Not only does this help us to provide a quality product to our clients, but it also reduced our carbon footprint considerably due to our location in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Fresh Seafood, Every Day

The fish that we receive from the local seafood houses is ultra fresh. The same day we receive it from our suppliers, we process it into frozen bricks before we ship it off in refrigerated containers to pet food factories.

  • We process a variety of different fish species instead of focusing on just one to reduce over-fishing a single source.
  • We use several different types of operations and grinds, depending on the needs of our clients, to provide top quality petfood industry products.
  • Our workers inspect the seafood when it arrives, including an automated inspection, before it is processed.

Our mission is to provide a quality product to our clients while striving to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and conserve resources throughout every aspect of our business.

NOAH (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) studies all fish stocks and issues all restrictions on catch limits based on those scientific studies.

We regard NOAH’s restrictions and limitations very seriously. We strictly adhere to those restrictions and limitations on all fish types processed through our plant.